About TSI

About TSI

Technical Solutions Inc. provides a wide range of technical and staffing services. We specialize in engineering, IT personnel, management professionals, and we also offer management consulting services. The clients we serve include: steel, chemical, petro-chemical, wastewater, oil and gas, utility, manufacturing, engineer consulting, high-tech, and information technology. Our customer base is located throughout Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

TSI was founded in 1991, with the primary purpose to become the top locally owned firm in the region. Our staff is comprised of select professionals who represent over ten decades of experience in the technical services industry. We take great pride in the selection and training of our staff members; our employees are well educated professionals who recognize that TSI offers a lasting and successful career. We provide a high level of integrity and loyalty to our clients and candidates alike. We believe that reputation is key, so we go above and beyond industry standards to demonstrate our level of commitment. TSI is a family owned business; we treat our employees like they are part of the family. We are convinced this increases productivity, and enables TSI to hire and retain high quality professionals.

By meeting the needs of both clients and employees, TSI has become the premier technical service provider in the Pittsburgh area. Within 24 hours of receiving an opening, we provide our clients with highly qualified candidates who have been fully briefed on the job requirements and thoroughly vetted, according to the client’s standards. Of course, no candidate is ever presented without their express permission. We conduct the proper screening and interviewing processes to make sure it is a good fit for both client and candidate.

TSI utilizes advanced recruiting technology to retain and match candidates to our clients' job requirements. We recognize the importance of our employees and provide them with a variety of benefits.

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