How do you choose a staffing company to meet your employment needs?

Technical Solutions is chosen again and again because of our ability to understand client requirements and provide the candidates who meet them.

The process starts with our sales personnel. Technical Solutions has distinguished itself in establishing relationships with our clients, much like partnerships, which are based on honesty and ability. We won’t sign a contract we can’t fulfill. Our candidates are thoroughly vetted, according to the client’s standards. But we don’t just review the technical facets of the candidate. We understand our clients’ businesses well enough to provide candidates who fit into the corporate culture as well, and we excel in translating our clients’ requirements to our recruiting personnel.

Recruiting is more than a mechanical process that inputs key words into a database and waits for results. Successful recruiting is almost an art. It requires intimate knowledge of the clients’ technical needs and work environments. The recruiters at Technical Solutions have over ten decades of combined experience in the art of recruiting. We use that knowledge to provide our clients with candidates who can not only get the job done, but can also fit in to their unique organization.

Effective recruiting has evolved over the years. In today’s highly competitive information age, the net we cast is much wider than in the past. The one aspect that has never changed, though, is the relationship we maintain with both candidates and employees, current and former.

TSI submits candidates to clients rapidly, usually within 24 hours of receiving an opening. Quick response is important, but even more crucial is the quality of the candidate. All our candidates have given their permission to present, meet the qualifications defined by the client, have been screened according to the client’s standards and can fit in to the client’s culture.

TSI is a locally owned and operated company. We have stood the test of time and have a top notch reputation that enables us to place talent time and time again.


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