Festive Fun and Team Bonding: TSI Team Holiday Party!

Last Thursday, the Technical Solutions Inc. team celebrated the holiday season with a fun and festive holiday party. The day kicked off with a white elephant gift exchange. The gifts ranged from practical items like coffee mugs and socks to quirky surprises like The Snoop Dogg cookbook. Although some gifts were stolen, everyone seemed happy with how the game unfolded.

Later in the evening, we moved the party to 814 Lanes and Games in Greensburg, where our group participated in bowling, axe throwing and an escape room. The virtual sleigh ride was a huge hit with Cherie, Shannon and Ann. Everyone had a blast, and we did okay at the games – more laughs than strikes, but that’s what makes it memorable.

It really was a great time for everyone and a great opportunity to bond, have fun and unwind before the approaching new year.

Happy Holidays from TSI – until next time!

A special shoutout to the 814 staff for their assistance in conquering the escape room!

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